Our Facilitiestruly cater for our clients every creative need.  From an infinity room to get the perfect product shots, a fully equipped and soundproofed recording studio for voice over work and our very own Zoo Eatery and event space so clients are well catered for while on-site.

Our Facilities


We have a fully functional video focused studio at our offices where we create everything from headshots to brand product videos.  We use the infinity room to create stunning product shots for promotional videos.  The studio comes with all our lighting needed for creating perfect clean shots.  For inspiration, check out this video we made in our infinity room! 


A Micro event space created to invite creatives to showcase their work.  Included in the event space is the ability to record the performance as well as film / live stream the performance.  This navigates the new COVID-19 challenges and gives artists a new space to perform as well as develop new content that encapsulates their performance and can potentially be monetised.

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For those shoots that go on and on.  Goodbye to hours of sitting around and waiting.  Our fully catered cafe, aptly named Zoo Eatery, caters to clients on site and offers a chill area where guests and clients can comfortably get work done while having a delicious breakfast or lunch.   We have a fully developed menu with a full time chef as well as a barista keeping all the coffee addicts happy.  Our events are fully catered from special menus to a bar for your guests. View our menu here.

Let's Make Something Cool at our Facilities!

The only limit is our creativity!