Our Christmas Video Project

Jonathan Roxmouth Performing in Studio

Honestly, Christmas is our favourite time of year!  It’s hard not to get into the festive spirit and enjoy all the excitement of the end of a year, especially one like 2020. During October/November we were lucky enough to work with Jonathan Roxmouth and Howard Audio on a very cool Christmas album called Swingle Bells.  […]

Top 3 Reasons you need a Social Media Manager

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Social Media Managers are more important than you think! Facebook and Instagram are two of the fastest-growing businesses in the world and it has become very clear how large an asset they are to each and every business and its growth strategy. Right now there are more than 1 billion monthly active Instagram users spending […]

Our Latest Video Project

Our Facilities

Every now and then we get a brief that allows us to be completely creative.  It’s the dream to be honest.  Most clients have very specific ideas of what the end product should look like and we work our hardest to achieve that for them but this project we were asked to come up with […]

What is SEO and do you need it?

kerde severin TXotsqdpX2g unsplash scaled

You’ve probably heard the term thrown around but very few people have an understanding of what SEO is and therefore don’t know if they need it. Google had almost 6 million search results just today while I write this.   That means it’s tough to stand out amongst the crowd, and that’s only on Google. You […]

Why do you need a website?

fikret tozak Zk Ydz2IAs unsplash scaled

We are living in the digital era and every day new businesses are emerging with a strong online presence and powerful online marketing. Over 4 BILLION people are using the internet, and over 5 billion internet searches are made per day on Google alone. Don’t get lost amongst the crowd! Check out our 5 reasons […]